The sweet sweet sound of metal exploding your ear drums


Deep within a glacial fissure in the bewildering German lands lies what is left of the Metal Throne. Everyone will claim dominance, everyone will try to hold and appreciate it, but only one may claim its power. Millions had become subjects but now a band of five men from Sydney take on the fight to seize and exploit the supremacy. Before Ciada is as unstoppable as the slow glacier that hides their prize.

To date they have show-cased their pure metal power to a growing scene of progressive speed metalcore enthusiasts. Before Ciada have just released the first in a lifetime of brutal thought choking and soul crunching albums, their 5 track concept EP “Birth to Burial” which is available on iTunes or via their website.

Having just returned from Germany, playing the well established 10th anniversary R.U.D.E festival and some side shows in Berlin’s prestigious metal clubs, Before Ciada is back in Australia.

The members of Before Ciada have a combined lifetime experience playing all kinds of music. Troy Ware (vocals) has played for more than half his life in bands starting through his love of storytelling and stage performance in small time punk/screamo bands. Troy has a deep understanding of story and his rich imagination takes Before Ciada’s listeners on a detailed and brutal journey.


Gabriel Castro (guitar) fell in love with music writing at an early age and has built himself up through punk and rock and roll. His unique Californian take on metal is tampered with nineties rock and blues to add the perfect amount of flavour and spice.

Michael Taylor (guitar) is undoubtedly the most well known musician of the group. Through performing with “Buried in Verona” he toured around Australia several times and recorded overseas. He still maintains a myriad of fans solely based around his own musicianship which is showcased extensively in his writing with Before Ciada.

Nathaniel Watkins (bass) secured his position in the music industry through his participation in “The Dead Republic” who performed several Australian east coast tours with international supports. He also has a large influence on upcoming acts in NSW providing pre-production for many artists in his home studio and during his time off, working on a number of side projects.

Daniel (Deej) Kinder (drums) spent most of his adolescence in punk/screamo bands recording several albums, playing fill-in for lost members and advancing his technique. Now regarded by many as one of the most technical and impressive drummers on the rise in the Australian Metal scene.

Before Ciada has already begun pre-production of a forthcoming album, hopefully going into the studio in late 2013, which will add onto the heavy, fast paced predecessor “Birth to Burial”, recorded at Electric Sun Studios and mastered by Sterling Sound (USA).